GET READY TO achieve 

Brand Strategy in less time than you can imagine


Brand communication tied to business goals for sustainable results 

Lightning Fast

A simple framework and quick exercises for clarity and perspective


Tap into desires, motivations, strategies, and fears that already exist

Better Results

Achieve business goals and realize potential a lot more quickly


Branding in a way that's timeless and drives business results

  • A smart and innovative way to build your brand and create a marketing message that's aligned and effective.
  • Using simple frameworks and tools for perspective on your brand's value and an extra data point on your client and customer motivations

The Goal:

  • A brand that performs,
  • A message that moves, 
  • and sustainable business results

 get to know 

The Archetypes

Alexis Ray

If you need help carving out your message and making it tangible, this woman will SHOCK you with her skills. I spent five months trying to figure it out and she did it in less than 24 hours.

I swear! I've never seen anything like it, or HER.

 What you'll get 

During Your Intensive

  • 01 - Vision

  • 02 - Values

  • 03 - Value

  • 04 - Voice

  • 05 - Visual

Clarity on exactly what your brand and business is here to do and where it's headed

Since I’ve had my new electronic press kit from Melissa Slawsky, I have had non-stop work! In fact, I recently got hired for a music job from my press kit alone! I’d hire Melissa again in a second!

Dane Gerous Schmidt

Film Score Composer

Like an energy drink for your business! Melissa helped me get more strategic about sharing my talents. I now have 800 students worldwide and passive income every month. 

Sarah Jordan

Creative Entrepreneur

Melissa used all my own words, images, and ideas to create a cohesive theme between my launch materials. Her understanding of who I am and what I'm about make a hectic process smooth and more manageable.

Amy Bernier

Say Yes Coach