How to Hit Your Targets in More Efficient Ways

As we enter 2023, and you look ahead at plans and decisions for the next year, here are 5 steps for more clarity and direction in the new year.

4. Knock down 'bigger pins' with your energy and efforts

The Problem - With limited resources we've got to get creative.

No matter how resourceful you are, it's best to make more efficient and effective use of your resources - time, energy, and money.

Reframe - There may be a more efficient, more effective way


  1. Revenue -
    - Can you maintain or upsell existing customers (rather than constantly searching for new customers?)
    - Are there opportunities for new programs or services to provide continuity and additional resources?
    - Maybe even allow others to serve your clients (and you get a cut of the profits - win-win-win)
  2. Customer Growth -
    - Is there a way to ensure continuity and reduce churn in the offer stack?
    - Offer referral and incentive programs?
    - or tap into communities that already exist?
  3. Audience Growth -
    - Are there opportunities for partnerships and adjacents?
    - Adjacent platforms
    - Adjacent products (yours or a complementary provider)
    - Adjacent services (yours or a complementary provider)
  4. Customer Results -
    - Beyond learning and doing, launching
    - Monetizing
    - What impact will you make?
    (Revenue created, metrics achieved, projects completed, visions realized, clients received, expectations satisfied)
  5. Customer Experience -
    - How can we reduce friction?
    - Or create more value?

Optional: Have some fun! Brainstorm some 'bad' or crazy ideas to achieve your goals faster!

Try to turn those 'bad' or crazy ideas into good ideas.
[Think Cards Against Humanity for business...]

Last Step - Pick 1 initiative to try for each category

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