Examine Your Brand (and how you’ve evolved)

As we enter 2023, and you look ahead at plans and decisions for the next year, here are 5 steps for more clarity and direction in the new year.

2. Examine your brand (and how you've evolved)

The Problem - Before you jump into the details, you've got to see the big picture.  Stats, Metrics, KPIs, and targets are meaningless if you hitch your ladder to the wrong wall or aim for the wrong things. Or worse - end up at the wrong destination, putting your energy and efforts into things you didn't even want.

Reframe - Before hitting the ground running, chart the course.

Get clear. Before jumping into action, get clear on the following:

  • Vision - What is the ultimate vision for where you're headed as a company?  Where do you want to go?
  • Values - What are your core values? (standards, expectations, motivators) What are you NOT willing to sacrifice for success?
  • Value - What's the #1 reason clients come to you? What is the value you provide?
  • Voice - What does your audience want to hear from you? What have you got to say?
  • Visual - How do you want to present yourself to the world?  [If a picture's worth a thousand words; a video is worth a million...]

The benefits of this approach include: 
a. Setting the trajectory for where you're headed and what you're here to do, and
b. Unless you're brand has changed, you'll know exactly how to get there.
c. Having the messaging and assets to communicate internally with your team and externally with the world.

News flash: These aspects of your business are already being communicated, but you can choose which aspects to present in the upcoming year.

By optimizing the value of your brand you have potential for better marketing ROI, increased customer loyalty, and more defensibility in the market. 

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