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What people are saying

Erik Semilla, Airtable Consultant

At the end of the day, this helps me to know myself and my ideal clients better - to put myself in other peoples' shoes. 

Every person is really different, so this is confirmation on who and what makes a good fit for me and my business.

Anne O'Reilly, Business Growth Strategist

Melissa helped me refine my marketing strategy and dial in my message in a way that reflects my brand and personal style. As a result of her help, support, and encouragement, I am on track to fill my group coaching program.

Gina Longo, Leadership Expert & Trainer

Melissa helped me figure out who I should be focusing on for my ideal clients, and came up with creative ways to find and connect with them. 

She just GOT me and what I'm trying to do, and in my experience, that's rare.

Krish Dhar, Low-Code Expert Developer

What an awesome problem to solve. Melissa gave me great advice on the product I was building and got me connected to important people.

If you need help with strategizing around your brand. It's her, she is a fantastic brand strategist.

Mike Wiendels, Agency Owner

The minimal version of the branding exercise. Perfect for the no-code makers and agencies.

Alexis Lonnee Ray, Personal Branding Expert

If you need help carving out your message and making it tangible, this woman will SHOCK you with her skills. I spent FIVE MONTHS trying to figure it out and she did it in less than 24 hours. I swear! I've never seen anything like it, or HER.

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