Client Results

Accelerating brand and business goals

Strategy & Messaging for Business Growth

Melissa helped me refine my marketing strategy and dial in my message in a way that reflects my brand and personal style. As a result of her expert help, support, and encouragement I am on track to fill my group coaching program.

Anne O'Reilly

Business growth strategist

Strategy & Marketing Engine for best month ever

When I first started coaching with Melissa, I had a masterclass with 5 students and wanted to grow the enrollment. She helped me with many brilliant ideas, strategies for marketing, and inspiration during my low points. I now have 12 students in my Masterclass, at a price point that's 50% more than my original offer (with my best months of sales.)

Wan How

Project Management & Career Coach

Brand strategy, messaging, and business growth

Melissa is an excellent strategist and mentor. She has the unique capability to take a vast amount of ideas and synthesize them into one unique message to meet your ideal client's needs. She is a master at brand strategy, messaging, and business growth strategy. I would highly recommend her!

Michele Leah

vision architect & business coach

Marketing strategy to connect with ideal clients

Melissa helped me figure out who I should be focusing on for my ideal clients, and she came up with creative ways to find and connect with them.  Straightforward and no-nonsense, she knows her stuff and is happy to go the extra mile to share her knowledge and expertise. 

She just GOT me and what I'm trying to do, and in my experience, that's rare.

Gina Longo

Leadership expert & trainer

Client Results

Accelerating brand and business goals

Lightning fast turnaround

Melissa Slawsky has got to be one of the most talented marketing minds I have ever met! Her passion for helping consultants, incredible talents, lightning fast turnaround are all why I'm her #1 fan.

If you need help carving out your message and making it tangible, this woman will SHOCK you with her skills. I spent FIVE MONTHS trying to figure it out and she did it in less than 24 hours. I swear! I've never seen anything like it, or HER.

Alexis Lonnee Ray

Story Coach & Personal branding expert

From one to multiple income streams

Melissa Slawsky has been a tremendous help in advancing my business. I deal in many different types of media, and in every case, she has given me sound advice, including lots of ideas I hadn't even considered. 

Someone like Melissa, who can think outside the box, while understanding exactly what is inside the box, can provide an extremely useful set of eyes and ears to understand where your business is and where it can go.

In short, I highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Eric Pflaging

audio engineer & media mogul, hillside studios

Filled a group program (with 450% conversion rate)

Thank you to Melissa Slawsky for helping me fill the program she took part in. I had the pleasure of Melissa's support when organizing my first launch of Being Brave - Finding Your Voice as a Leader.
ENTER MELISSA! She is not only creative and organized AF, she thrives off of TEAMWORK and was able to use all my own words, images, and ideas to create a cohesive theme between my social media posts and my website.

Melissa's understanding of who I am and what I'm about made a hectic process much more smooth and manageable. I felt calm and supported throughout.

Amy Bernier

say yes coaching

Marketing strategies in place for online program

Melissa worked with me as I created marketing strategies for my online hybrid coaching program. She is very creative, open-minded, and solutions oriented. Her perspectives on reaching potential clients opened me to new ideas and methods I had not even thought of. 

She was always responsive to my 'calls for help' with insights and strategies. As a result, I've move da long way towards creating my program and have several marketing strategies in place.

Thanks Melissa!

Sterling Harris

Developmental coach, trainer, author, speaker

Client Results

Accelerating brand and business goals

Creativity, grounded in research 

From the first moment we connected, Melissa was in complete harmony with the way I share my passion for writing and editing with my clients. 

She showed me complementary opportunities for reaching more writers with my project than I had envisioned. Everything she suggested tied back to my immediate project while effortlessly creating additional resources and support for my clients.

Melissa's gift is her talent for balancing leaps of sparkling creativity with grounding everything in research and step-by-step progress, while exploring every opportunity.

Suzanne Gochenouer

transformational editor & writing coach

Big picture + details, content, and strategy

Melissa is such a multitalented person! She dives into her work with enthusiasm, creativity, intelligence, and diligence. She brings all of this to her work along with strong attention to detail and a view of how projects connect and work together.

It is rare to have someone who can see the big picture and the details at the same time and who has the intelligence to then create content and strategy from what she has learned. Melissa is also warm, funny, and kid. She was the first person to welcome me to the team and I'm always grateful to be able to work with her on any project.

Tana Jencks

digital marketer & Content strategist

The best f&***ing marketer I know! 

Since I’ve had my new electronic press kit from Melissa Slawsky, I have had non-stop work! In fact, I recently got hired for a music job from my press kit alone! I’d hire Melissa again in a second!

Dane Gerous Schmidt

film score composer

Passive income (even when interest was waning)

Like an energy drink for your business! Melissa helped me get more strategic about sharing my talents. I now have 800 students worldwide and passive income every month. 

Sarah Jordan

creative entrepreneur

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