The Importance of Clarifying Your Business Purpose

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One of the most critical issues I see in my clients is not being clear on the overall purpose of their business.

Someone could be taking consistent action on a daily basis (and getting results), while still feeling like their treading water because their actions are not in alignment with their business purpose.

Complicating this issue could entail:

  • Trying to be all things to all people, whether you sell products or services (in person or online)
  • Your purpose may have evolved (along with your brand or business)
  • You're in the process of evolving, in which it's impossible to hit a moving target.
  • You've got a team, in which there are different ideas as to the overall purpose of the business.

The Problem

Lacking clarity and direction in the overall purpose of your business could lead to inability to take action, an impossible product roadmap, and even worse, lack of connection with why you started your business in the firstplace.


Papa roach - "Killing time"

Why do I feel like I'm constantly scratching the surface?

I hate how I deal with myself when I don't have a purpose.

I've been killing my time...

[In the blink, of an eye... of a storm, I feel nothing.]

The Solution

Getting clear on the overall purpose of your business can provide clarity and momentum to ensure that your actions align with your intentions.

Here's the good news - this process does not have to be haphazard and random...

There's a system and a process that can easily align the problems that you solve with exactly what your ideal clients and customers are looking for.

[The algorithm already exists...]

You just have to choose the one that most encapsulates the value you provide - then let that be your "north star" to guide how you express and execute on your business purpose.

Don't know where to start?

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About the Author

Melissa Slawsky is the Founder of Archetype Marketing™ - a leveraged solution, system, and software for brand strategy and marketing communication. She lives in the Asheville, NC area with her husband, son, and four birds.


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